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german silver


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native design mugs

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Tribal History

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war clubs


wax cord

Weapons & Tools


"Crow Style" Browband
"Lazy Stich" Browband
#1 Oklahoma Style
#12 Brass Smoking Hawk w/Steel Insert Bit
#13 Shawnee Throwing Tomahawk
#15 Squaw Hawk
#16 Pierced Squaw Hawk
#18 Pipe Axe
#2 French Pipe Tomahawk
#4 Chippewa Style
#7 Miniature Smoking Hawk
#9 Mouse Hawk
11" 2 Feather (one color)
11" Buffalo Skull (one color)
1837 Sketch Book of the Western Fur Trade
3 Eagles
3 Hole Iron
3" Horn Cups
3-Band Broadcloth
5" Horn Cups
A Beadwork Companion
A Dakota English Dictionary
A Quillwork Companion
Abalone Heart
Abalone Shell Discs (1 Drilled Hole)
Abalone Shell Discs (2 drilled holes)
Accoutrements II
Accoutrements III
African Porcupine Quills
Alligator Feet
Alligator Head
Alligator Skull
Alligator Teeth
Aluminum Cones
American Denim
American Indian Archery
American Indian Beadwork
American Indian Cooking
American Indian Cooking & Herb Lore
American Indian Medicine
An English Dakota Dictionary
Animal Pendant Necklaces
Antique Trade Beads (Black)
Antler Buttons
Apron Kit, Buckskin (Smoked)
Apron Kit, Buckskin (White)
Arctic Fox Face
Arctic Fox Feet
Army National Guard
Arrow Head w/ Turtle
Art of the American Indian Frontier
Art of the North American Indian
Artic Fox Hide
Artic White Fox Tails
Arts & Crafts of the Cherokee
Assorted Small Teeth
Assumption Garters
Assumption Sash
asumption sash bags
Awl Case
Awl, Antler Tip
Awl, Scratch
Baby Sage Bundles
Badger Claws
Badger Faces
Badger Fur (1 lb. bag)
Badger Hides
Badger Jaw Bone
Badger Skull
Badger Tails
badger tails
Badger Teeth
Bag Kit, Strike-A-Light
Bald Eagle Wing Feather
Bead Graph Paper
Bead Loom Kit
Beaded Blanket Strips
Beaded Cuffs
Beaded Headband
Beaded Pipebags- 1 side
Beaded Pipebags- 2 sides
Beaded Reptile Amulets Large
Beaded Reptile Amulets Medium
Beaded Reptile Amulets Small
Beaded Rosettes
Beaded Strips
Beading in the Native American Tradition
Beading Needles (5 sizes)
Beads & Beadwork of the American Indian
Beads: Their Use by the Upper Great Lakes Indians
Beadwork Moccasin Tops
Beadworkers Scissors
Beadworking with Today's Materials
Bear and Claw Pendant
Bear Berry
Bear Fat
Bear Fetish
Bear Fur (1 Lb Bag)
Bear Skull
Bear with Fish
Beaver Claws
Beaver Feet
Beaver Fur (1 Lb Bag)
Beaver Jaw Bone
Beaver Paw Medicine Necklace
Beaver Pelts
Beaver Skull
Beaver Tail
Beaver Teeth
Beginning Cherokee
Beginning Cherokee - 2 Tape set
Beginning Cherokee - CD
Bell Kit, Deer Toe Dance
Bell Kit, Feather Dancer
Bell Kit, Straight Dancers
Belt Kit, Concho
Belt Kit, Tack
Big Eye Needles
Black Bear Claw
Black Bear Hides
Black Bear Jaw Bone
Black Bear Paws
Black Bear Teeth (Canine)
Black Bear Teeth (Molar)
Black Fox
Black Fox Tail
black hawk feather
Black Stone Nuggets
Blank Tan
Bleached Buffalo Skulls
Blood Root
Blue and White (Iroquois Tree of Life)
Blue and White (Turtle and Wampum)
Blue Jay Feathers - Hand Painted
Blue Mountain Buckskin
bob cat
Bobcat Claws
Bobcat Feet
Bobcat Fur (1 Lb Bag)
Bobcat Pelts
Bobcat Skull
Bobcat Tail
bone knive
Bow Quiver Case
Bows & Arrows of the Native American
Bows and Arrows
Bracelet Kit, Wampum Bead
Brain Tanned Deer Hide
Brain Tanning - The Sioux Way
Brass Beads
Brass Cones
Brass Tacks High Dome
Brass Tacks Low Dome
Brass Thimbles
Breastplate Kit
Breastplate Kit, Old Time Northern Plains Woman's
Breastplate Kit, Old Time Short
Breastplate Kit, Southern Plains Women's
Breechclout and Leggins
Bronze Turkey Wing
Buckskin Leather Pants
Buckskin Leggings
Buckskin Pants
Buckskin War Shirts
Buckskins, Blades, & Biscuits
buffalo beard
Buffalo Bladder
Buffalo Bone Awl
Buffalo Bone Paint Brushes
Buffalo Bull Horn
Buffalo Chips
Buffalo Dance Rib
Buffalo Dew Claws
Buffalo Hide Shield Blanks
Buffalo Hoof
Buffalo Jaw Bone
buffalo jaw plains indian war club
Buffalo Jaw War Club
Buffalo Jaws
Buffalo Leg Bones
Buffalo Milk Teeth
Buffalo Pendant
Buffalo Penis
Buffalo Pipe 15"
Buffalo Pipe 24"
Buffalo Pipe 32"
Buffalo Rawhide Moccasin Soles
Buffalo Ribs
Buffalo Robes
Buffalo Robes - Brain Tanned
buffalo scrap fur
Buffalo Scrotums
Buffalo Shoulder Blades
Buffalo Skull
Buffalo Soap
Buffalo Tails
Buffalo Tails
Buffalo Teeth
Buffalo Teeth - Large Molar
Buffalo Toe Bone
Bugle Beads
Bull Horn
Bumper Stickers
Bustle Kit, Oklahoma (Regular)
Bustle Kit, Sioux Old-Style Traditional
Bustle Kit, Traditional
Bustle Kit, Traditional (Super Deluxe)
Calico Ribbon Dresses
Catamount (Mountain Lion)
Ceremonial or Wedding Dress
Cheifs Delight
Cherokee Cooklore
Cherokee Plants & Their Uses
Cherokee Proud
Cherokee Ribbon Shirt (Men's)
Cherokee Roots - Volume 1
Cherokee Roots - Volume 1 & 2
Cherokee Roots - Volume 2
Cherokee Tear Dress
Cherokee Words with Pictures
Chevron Beads (Assortment)
Child's Ribbon Shirt
Childs Capote
Childs Jingle Dress
Childs Moccasins
Chippewa Customs
Choker Kit, Abalone & Hairpipe
Choker Kit, Bone & French Bead
Choker Kit, Buffalo Horn (Deluxe)
Choker Kit, Buffalo Horn Hairpipe
Choker Kit, Dentalium
Choker Kit, Fire Polish & Hairpipe
Choker Kit, Hairpipe & Old-Style Brass
Choker Kit, Tube & Tile
Collector's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution
Colonial Clay, 1600's Elizabethan Cutty or Voyageur's
Colonial Clay, 1700's Social Cutty Pipe
Colonial Clay, 1800's Social Cutty
Colonial Tavern Pipes
Cone Shaped Tacks
Cooper Hawk Feather
Copper Cones
Cow Horn Rattle
Cow Teeth
Coyote Claws
Coyote Face Fur Medicine Wheel
Coyote Feet
Coyote Fur (1 Lb Bag)
Coyote Jaw Bone
Coyote Pelts
Coyote Skull
Coyote Tails
Coyote Teeth
Craft Manual of Northwest Beading
Cross Fox
Cross Fox
Crossfox Tail
Crow Feathers
Crow Medicine Pipe
Custom Made Ceremonial Swing Bustles
Custom Made Roaches
Custom Made Traditional Old-Style Mess Bustles
Czech White Heart Beads
Daily Life in a Plains Indian Village - 1868
Dance Bells, Deer Toe
Dance Kit, Buffalo Rib
Dance Stick Kit, Horse
Dark Natural Hackles (5"-6")
Dark Natural Hackles (6"-8")
Dawes Roll "PLUS"
Deer and Elk Rawhide
Deer Antler Rosettes
Deer Antler Tips
Deer Foot Dance Stick
Deer Fur (1 Lb Bag)
Deer Horn Dance Stick
Deer Horn Rack
Deer Jaw Bone
Deer Leather Color Chart
Deer Leather Hair Ties
Deer Leg Bone
Deer Shoulder Blade
Deer Skin Bag
Deer Skull (Buck)
Deer Skull (Doe)
Deer Tails
Deer Toe Bones
Deer Toes and Dew Claws
Deer Tongue
Deer, Elk, and Buffalo Rawhide
Deerskins Into Buckskin
Deluxe Carved Bear Claws
Deluxe Hand Carved Bone Feathers
Deluxe Hand Carved Eagle Claws
Deluxe Hand Carved Grizzley Claws
Deluxe Porky Roach Kit
Deluxe Warbonnet
Department of the Air Force
Department of the Air Force, Retired
Department of the Army
Department of the Army, Retired
Department of the Navy
Department of the Navy, Retired
Desert Storm
Double Trailer Bonnet
Dream Catcher Kit
dried pheasant feet
Drop Sleeve Shirt
Drum Frame, 8-sided
Drum Frame, Round
Drum Kit
Drum Stick Kit
Drum Stick, Ready Made (Northern Style)
Drum Stick, Ready Made (Southern Style)
Drum, Economy Style
Drum, Powwow Size
Drum, Pueblo Style
Drum, Sioux Style
Drum, Tambourine Style
Drumbeaters (Authentic)
duck skull
Dyed Deer Tails
Dyed Horse Hair
Dyed Howlit
Dyed Porcupine Quills
Dyed T-Base Feathers
Eagle - USA
Eagle Claw Pipe 14"
Eagle Claw Pipe 24"
Eagle Feather
Eagle Head
Eagle Head - Native Pride
Eagle Mandella
Eagle Pendant
Eagle Plumes
Eagle Spike
Easter Center Seam Moccasins
Eastern side flap wool leggins
Eastern Style Iroqouis Dress
Eastern Style Leather Apron
Eastern Style Woman's Breastplate
Eastern Woodlands
Elbow Pipe 14"
Elbow Pipe 21"
Elbow Pipe 28"
Elk Antler Ceremonial Pipe
Elk Cow Skull
Elk Hides
Elk Horns
Elk Jaw Bone
Elk Leg Bone
Elk Legs
Elk Rosettes
Elk Shoulder Blade
Elk Toe Bones
Elk Toe Bones (Front)
Elk Toes and Dew Claws
Encyclopedia of Native American Healing
End Of The Trail
End Of The Trail
Ermine Skins
Ermine Skull
Ermine Tails
Ermine [Summer]
Exploring Your Cherokee Ancestry
Fan Kit, Flat
Fan Kit, Flat (Deluxe)
Fan Kit, Loose
Fan Kit, Loose (Pheasant Feather)
Feather - Native Pride
Feather Earrings
Feather Fluffs, Large (5" - 6") (Base Plumes)
Feather Fluffs, Small (2" - 3") (Tip Plumes)
Feather Kit, Coup
Feather Kit, Coup (Painted)
Feather Rossette
Felt Hat Blanks
Ferruginous Hawk (Red Tail)
Firearms, Traps, & Tools of the Mountain Men
Fischer Pelts
Fischer Skull
Fisher Fur (1 Lb Bag)
Fisher Tail
Flag Feather
Flat Cedar
Flat fan
Flicker Feather
Flute (Deluxe)
Flute, Bamboo
Flute, Cedar (Engraved) - Bass
Flute, Cedar (Engraved) - Deep Bass
Flute, Cedar (Engraved) - Treble
Four Winds Guide To - Indian Trade Goods & Replicas
Four Winds Pipe 15"
Four Winds Pipe 23"
Four Winds Pipe 30"
Fox Brand Braid
Fox Claws
Fox Face Medicine Wheel
Fox Feet
Fox Fur (1 Lb Bag)
Fox Jaw Bone
Fox Jaw Medicine Necklace
Fox Skull
Fox Teeth
French Brass Beads
French Hollow Beads (4 mm)
French Hollow Beads (7mm)
French Linen Thread
French Oval Brass Beads
Fringe Ration Pouch
Fringed Possible Bag or pipe bag
Full Color Decals
Fur Hats [Coyote]
Fur Hats [Raccoon, Red Fox, Grey Fox]
Fur Hats [Skunk]
Fur Trapper Hat
Fur Wrapped Four Winds Medicine Wheel
Garnet Nugget Strand
Genuine Bone and Buffalo Horn Beads
Genuine Bone Arrow Heads
Genuine Bone Bird Pendant
Genuine Bone Choker Spacers (Narrow)
Genuine Bone Choker Spacers (Regular)
Genuine Bone Disc Beads
Genuine Bone Feather Pendants
Genuine Bone Hairpipe
Genuine Bone Hand Carved Claws
Genuine Bone Hand Carved Elk Teeth
Genuine Bone Handpainted Feathers
Genuine Bone Lg. Feather
Genuine Bone Spacer (Thick)
Genuine Bone Spear Point
Genuine Bone Tubes
Genuine Bone Turtle Pendant
Genuine Bone Tusks
Genuine Ivory Elk Teeth
Genuine Quahog Shell Beads
Genuine Quahog Wampum (Purple)
Genuine Quahog Wampum Hairpipes
Genuine Shell Wampum
Genuine Sinew
german silver roach spreader one socket
german silver rocker spreader
Ghingher, Knife-Edge 8" Bent Trimmers
Glass Crow Beads (Opaque)
Glass Crow Beads (Translucent)
Glass Fire Beads (Aurora Borealis Finish)
Glass Fire Beads (Regular Finish)
Glass Tile Beads
Glass Tube Wampum Beads
Glovers Needles
Goat Leather Thong
Golden Eagle Body Feather
Golden Eagle Tail Plume
Golden Pheasant Skin
Good Medicine
Goose Feather Fan
Gosh Hawk Feathers
Gourd Spoon
Grass Dance Outfit
Great Horned Owl Feather
Grey Fox
Grey Fox
Grey Fox Tails
Grouse Tail
Guide to Indian Quillwork
Guinea Hen Wing Feathers
Guion Miller Roll "PLUS"
Gun Stock War Club
Gun Stock War Club
gun stock war clubs
Gustoweah Headdress
GWOT Expeditionary Pin
GWOT Sevice Medal
Hair Kit, Feather
Hair Kit, Plume (Women's)
Hairties Kit
hand woven garters
Hand-Forged Iron Arrowheads
Harp Seal
Hawk Bells, Antique Brass
Hawk Bells, Brass
Hawk Bells, Large
Headdress Kit, Gustoweah
Hide Glue
Hollow Metal Beads
Horn Spoons
Horse Dance Stick
Horse Tails
How Indians Use Wild Plants - Food, Medicine & Crafts
How to Scrimshaw & Carve Ivory
Hunka Wand
Imitaion Dyed Eagle Feathers
Imitation Bone Tubes
Imitation Eagle Wing Fan
Imitation Hairpipe
Immature Bald Eagle Body Feather
Immature Bald Eagle Tail Feather
Immature Bald Eagle Tail Feather [Salt & Pepper]
Immature Golden Eagle Feather
Immature Harris Hawk Feather
Immature Red Tail Hawk Feather (Female)
Immature Red Tail Hawk Feather (Male)
Immature Spotted Golden Eagle Feather
Imported Brow Band / or hat band
Indian Dolls
Indian Herbalogy
Indian Love Tea
Indian Moccasins - Fully beaded Plains
Indian On A Horse (Canada)
Indian On A Horse (U.S.A)
Indian On Horse (Winter)
Indian Perfume
Indian Sign Language
Indian With Pipe (Canada)
Indian With Pipe (U.S.A)
Indian Women's Accessories
Iraq Campaign Ribbon with Eagle Feather
Iroqouis Style Roach
Jack Rabbit Skull
Jeremiah Johnston
Jingle Dress
Jingles (Adult)
Jingles (Childrens)
Jumbo XL Eagle Feather
Kit Fox Tail
Knife & Tomahawk Throwing
Knife Sheath Kit, Crow
Korean Conflict Veteran's
Lady Amherst Pheasant Skin
Lakota Belief And Ritual
Large Beaded Knife Case w/ Slit
Large Fully Beaded Knife Case
Large Partly Beaded Knife Case
Latigo Laces
Leather Punch Pliers
Lenape Lessons
Light Bright Hackles (5"- 6")
Light Bright Hackles (6" -7")
Linen Cloth
Linen-Look Cloth
Long Hunter Shirt
Longhunters Accessories
Loose Buffalo Wool
Loose feather Fans
Loose Horse Hair
Love It or Leave It
Lynx Claws
Lynx Feet
Lynx Fur (1 Lb Bag)
Lynx Jaw Bone
Lynx Pelts
Lynx Skull
Lynx Tail
Lynx Teeth
Making Indian Bows & Arrows ... The Old Way
Mandella Hoops
Mandella Wool
Manual of Beading Techniques
Marten Fur (1 Lb Bag)
Martin Jaw Bone
Martin Skull
Mature Golden Eagle (Dark)
Mature Golden Eagle (Light)
Mature Harris Hawk Tail Feather
Mature Red Tail Hawk (Male)
Medicinal & Other Uses Of North American Plants
Medicine Wheel
Medicine Wheel
Medicine Wheel (Black)
Medicine Wheel Kit, Wrapped
Medicine Wheels Blanks -
Men at arms American Indian Series - The Plains Indians
Men at arms American Indian Series - The Southeastern Indians
Metal Backed Mirrors
Metal Spots
Mini Deer Antler Pipe
Mini French Brass Beads
Miniature Feathers
Mink Feet
Mink Fur (1 Lb Bag)
Mink Jaw Bone
Mink Pelts
Mink Skull
Mink Tails
Moccasin Kit, Hard Sole (Plains)
Moccasin Kit, High Top Buckskin
Moccasin Kit, Soft Sole
Moccasin Kit, Soft Sole (Eastern Woodlands)
Money Cowrie Shells
Moose Legs
More Techniques of Beading Earrings - Volume 2
Mother of Pearl (1 drilled hole)
Mother of Pearl (2 drilled holes)
Mountain Lion Hides
Mountain Lion Skull
Mountain Man Crafts & Skills
Mountainmen's Workshirt
Mt. Lion Claws
Muskrat Fur (1 Lb Bag)
Muskrat Jaw Bone
Muskrat Pelts
Muskrat Skull
Mythos Wild West
Native American Beadwork
Native American Sweat Lodge
Native American Weapons
Native Arts of the Columbian Plateau
Native Plants Native Healing Traditional Muskgee Way
Native Talking Stick
Native woven sash design mugs
Natural Barred Turkey Wing Feathers
Natural Porcupine Quills
Necklace Kit, Cowrie Shell
Necklace Kit, Crow Loop
North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment
Northern Plains
Northern Plains Capote
Northwest Coast
Nymo Thread Spools
Ojibwa Loom
Ojibway Ceremonies
Old Czech Glass Beads Mixture
One Color Decals
Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Opossum Skull
Osage Hills
ospray tail feather also called the sea eagle
Ostrich Feathers
Otter Fur (1 Lb Bag)
Otter Jaw Bone
Otter Pelts
Otter Skull
Otter Tail
Otter Tail Medicine Neck Bag
Otter Tails
Otter Teeth
Oval Beaded Medicine Bag
Padre Beads
painted raw hide knife case with antique knife
Parfleche Painted Hand Bags
Parrot Feathers
Partly Quilled Knife Cases Large
Partly Quilled Knife Cases Small
Peacock Eye Feathers
Pendelton Yakima Camp Blanket
Pendleton Chief Joseph Blanket
Pendleton Circle of Life or Elders Blanket
Pendleton Harding Blanket
Pendleton Serape Blanket
Pendleton Turtle Blanket
Peyote Religious Art
Pheasant Feathers
Pheasant Skull
Picture Writing of The American Indian Volume 1
Picture Writing of The American Indian Volume 2
Pine Martin Skull
Pipe Kit, Soap Stone
Pipebag Kit, Large
Plains Hi-Top Moccasins
Plains Indian Buckskin Dress
Plains Indian Cloth Dress
Plains Pipe 15"
Plains Pipe 23"
Plains Pipe 30"
Plains Ribbon Shirt
Plains Style Moccasins
Plains War Shirt
Plastic Black Bear Claws
Plastic Crow Beads
Plastic Eagle Claws
Plastic Fire Polish Beads
Plastic Grizzly Bear Claws
Polar Bear
Pony Beads 5/0
Pony Beads 8/0
Porcupine Claws
Porcupine Guard Hair
Porcupine Hides
Porcupine Skull
Porcupine Tail
porcupine tail
Porcupine Teeth
Porkey Roach Kit
Pouch Kit, Gage D'Mor
POW-MIA (Black)
Powwow Country
Prairie Pride
Primary Bronze Turkey Wing
Primitive Outdoor Skills
Primitive Wilderness Living and Survival Skills
Primitive Wilderness Skills, Applied & Advanced
PTSD, Don't Leave NAM Without It
Purple Cowrie Shells
Quill & Beadwork of the Western Sioux
Quill Strips
Quilled Medicine Wheels
Quilled Reptile Amulet Large
Quilled Reptile Amulet Large w/ cones & Horsehair
Quilled Reptile Amulet Medium
Quilled Reptile Amulet Medium w/ cones & Horsehair
Quilled Reptile Amulet Small
Quilled Reptile Amulet Small w/ cones & Horsehair
Quilled Slats
Quilled Turtle Amulet Large
Quilled Turtle Amulet Large w/ Cone & Horsehair
Quilled Turtle Amulet Medium
Quilled Turtle Amulet Medium w/ cones & Horsehair
Quillwork Starter Kit
Quirt Kit, Riding (Wooden Warriors)
Rabbit Fur (1 Lb Bag)
Rabbit Pelts
Raccoon Claws
Raccoon Feet
Raccoon Fur (1 Lb Bag)
Raccoon Fur Bag
Raccoon Jaw Bone
Raccoon Pecker Bone (Small)
Raccoon Pelts
Raccoon Skull
Raccoon Tail
Raccoon Tails
Raccoon Teeth
Rainbow Selvedge Broadcloth
Rattle Kit, Deer Toe
Rattle, Buffalo Fur
Rattle, Deer Toe (Plains Style)
Rattle, Rawhide (Round)
Rattle, Rawhide (Turtle)
Rattle, Turtle Shell
Raw Bull Horns
Rawhide Craft Bends
Rawhide Lace
Rawhide Painted Medicine Pouch Necklace
Rawhide Plains Style Painted Knife Case
Rawhide Shield Blanks
Real Bone Goose Wing Whistle
Real Bone Hairpipe and Bead Bracelet
Real Deer Buckskin Lace
Real Glass Tube Wampum
Real Mescal Beads
real shark teeth
Real Shell Wampum
real wolf claws
Reconstituted Turquoise Beads
Reconstituted Turquoise Beads
Reconstituted Turquoise Hishi
Red Ear Slider Shell
Red Fox
Red Fox Fur Bag
Red Fox Hide
Red Fox Tail
Red Fox Tail
Red Jasper
Red Shoulder Hawk Feather (Female)
Red Sumac
Red Tail Hawk
Red Top Feathers
Reeves Pheasant Skin
Repair Work
replica mt lion skull
Riflemen's Hunting Frock
Ring Top Cowrie Shells
Ringneck Pheasant Skin
Ringneck Pheasent Tail Feathers-Female
Ringtail Cat
Roach Bases
Roach Spreader Kit
Roach Sticks and elastic bandages
Rooster Tail Feathers (6" to 8")
Rooster Tail Feathers (8" to 10")
Rough Leg Hawk Feather
Round Bird Pendant
Round Fully Beaded "Turtle" Amulet Large
Round Fully Beaded "Turtle" Amulet Medium
Round Fully Beaded "Turtle" Amulet Small
Round Glass Beads
Round Partly Beaded "Turtle" Amulet Medium
Round Partly Beaded "Turtle" Amulet Small
Round Partly Beaded \"Turtle\" Amulet Large
Sacred Smoke: Ancient Art of Smudging for Modern Times
Sage Osnaburg Cloth
Sassafrass Bark
Scrap Buffalo Fur Pieces
screechowl feathers
Secret Native American Pathways
Seven Arrows
Sharps Needles Size 10/0
Sharps Needles Size 11/0
Sharps Needles Size 12/0
Shawl Fringe
Shawl Fringe Chainette
Shawl Fringe Chainette
Shawl Fringe Needle
Shawl Fringe Needle
Shawl Fringe Spools
Sheep Bells
Shield Kit
Shoshoni Medicine Pipe
Silamide Thread
Silver Fox
Silver Fox Hide
Silver Fox Tail
Silver Fox Tails
Simulated (First Quality) Black Bear Tooth
Simulated (Second Quality) Black Bear Tooth
Simulated Black Bear Claws (First Quality)
Simulated Black Bear Claws (Second Quality)
Simulated Eagle Ceremonial Whistle
Simulated Eagle Claw Medicine Necklace
Simulated Eagle Claw W/Knuckle Look
Simulated Eagle Skull
Simulated Eagle Wing Bone
Simulated Elkhorn Roach Spreader
Simulated Finger
Simulated Grizzly Bear Claws
Simulated Hawk Foot
Simulated Hawk Foot Dance Staff
Simulated Hawk Skull
Simulated Kodiak Bear Claw (Med)
Simulated Kodiak Bear Claws (Lg.)
Simulated Mountain Lion Claw
Simulated Northern Grizzly Bear Claws
Simulated Plains Grizzley Bear Claw Necklace
Simulated Plains Grizzly Bear Claws
Simulated Polar Bear Claw
Simulated Sinew
Simulated Sinew (Bobbin)
Simulated Sinew (Loose)
Simulated Wolf Claws
Sioux Sage
Skull - Native Pride
Skunk Bag
Skunk Feet
Skunk Fur (1 Lb Bag)
Skunk Jaw Bone
Skunk Pelts
Skunk Skull
Skunk Tail
Skunk Tails
Slabbed Pipestone
Slabbed Soapstone Blocks
sleigh bell pins
Sleigh Bells, Brass Engraved
Sleigh Bells, Extra Large
Sleigh Bells, Nickel or brass
Sling Shot War Club
Small Elk or Deer Pipes
Small Fully Beaded Knife Case
Small Fully Beaded Knife Case with fringe
Small Partly Beaded Knife Case
Small Partly Beaded Knife Case w/ Fringe
Snapping Turtle Feet
Snapping Turtle Feet
Snapping Turtle Head
Snapping Turtle Shell
Snapping Turtle Skull
Snow Owl Feather
Snowflake Obsidian
Solid Brass Nails
Solid Iron with Bleeders
Southern Diamondback Rattlesnake
Spirit Bear
Spirit Healing
Square Beaded Medicine Bags
Squirrel Pelts
Squirrel Tail
Squirrel Tails
Standing in the Light
Steer Skull
Straight Dance Suit and Ribbonwork
Strike-A-Lite Pouch
Style #1
Style #2
Style #3
Style #5
Style #6 (Turtle Rosette)
Style #7
Style 03
Style 04
Style 05
Style 10
Style 13
Style 14
Style 20
Style 40
Style 60
Style 80
Style 90
Suede Lace
Sumdging Kit
Sunrise Pure Kinni-Kinick Tobacco
Support Out Troops
Sweet Grass Braids
Techniques of Beading Earrings - Volume 1
Techniques of North American Indian Beadwork
Teepee Dreams
The Art of Blacksmithing
The Art of the Native American Flute
The Book of Buckskinning
The Book of Buckskinning IV
The Book of Buckskinning V
The Book of Buckskinning VII
The Book of the Vision Quest
The Cherokee People
The Cherokees
The Cheyenne Indians - Volume 1
The Cheyenne Indians - Volume 2
The Comanches: Lords of the Southern Plains
The Complete Guide to Traditional Native American Beadwork
THE SACRED PIPE: Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the
THE SACRED: Ways of Knowledge, Sources of Life
The Sixth Grandfather: Black Elk's Teachings Given to John G. N
The Traditional Bowyer's Bible 3 Volume Set
The Traditional Bowyer's Bible Volume 1
The Traditional Bowyer's Bible Volume 2
The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, Volume 3
Thread "Bobbins" (Black)
Thread "Bobbins" (White)
Three and Four Point Deer Horns
Tiger Eye
Tin Cones
Tin Tubes
Tipis and Primitive Tents
Trade Blankets
Trade Cloth Bags
Trade Wool
Tradecloth Dress
Trappers Fringe Buckskin Shirt
Tuff Hide Wheels
Tunica Biloxi Eagle
Tunica Biloxi Eagle
Turkey Skull
Turkey Wing Feathers
Turkey Wing Spike Feathers
Turquiose Beads
Turquoise Hishi
Turquoise Nugget Strands
Turquoise Nuggets
Turtle Bag with Coyote Face
Turtle Claws
Turtle Shell Neck Medicine Pouch
Turtle Shell Shoulder Bag
Twisted Bone Hairpipe
Twisted Bugle Beads
Two Point Deer Horns
two socket german silver spreader
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Coast Guard Reserve
U.S. Flag
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Marine Corps, Retired
Ute Indian Arts and Crafts
Veitnam Veterans
Veterans Pins
Victory Tea
Vietnam Units
Vietnam Veteran
Voices of Native America
Voyagers Shirt
vulture feathers
Walking Bear Pendant
Wand Kit, Hunka
War Club Kit, Ball Headed
War Club Kit, Gunstock
Warbonnet Kit
Warbonnet Kit (Deluxe)
Warbonnet Kit, Double Trailer
Warbonnet Kit, Single Trailer
Warrior on Horseback
Warriors Brew
Weasel or Mink Medicine Necklace
Weasel Skull
Western Rockies
Wet Scraped Braintanned Buckskin
Where Two Worlds Meet
White Cotton Thread (Heavy)
White Deer Tails
White Sage Sticks (Lg.)
White Tail Deer Hides
Wild Boar Tusks
wild goose skull
Wild Horses
Wild Peppermint
wild turkey / t flats feathers
Wild Turkey Feet (Dried)
Wild Turkey Foot Dance Staff
wild turkey tail feathers
Wolf and Claw Pendant
Wolf And Eagle
Wolf Banner
Wolf Feet
Wolf Mandella
Wolf Pelts
Wolf Pendants
Wolf Skull
Wolverine Claws
Wolverine Feet
Wolverine Pelts
Wolverine Skull
Wolverine Tail
Women's Buckskin Dress
Women's Buckskin Skirt
Women's Buckskin Top
Wooden Fan Handles
Wooden Pipestems
Woodland Indians of the Western Great Lakes
Wool Felt
World War II
WWII Victory Medal